The 4 Best Automatic Litter Boxes For Self Cleaning

​A ​automatic litter box eliminates one of cat owner favorite pasttimes. The undoubted king of the litter box world may be the Litter-Robot III Open​ Air, however, let us look at several options.

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Cleaning litter boxes is actually a laborious chore that faces all kitten and cat owners that are indoor. Never fear, the future will be now here!

Okay, perhaps not that futuristic. Self cleaning litter boxes have been around for a few Years today, however the industry is continually improving and the services and merchandise are becoming better and better with every release. We're here in order to rounded up the best automatic litter boxes, you start with your favorite; the
Litter-Robot III Open​ Air​.

Since You've arrived , you therefore are searching to weigh up and most likely already have an interest in purchasing. Let's help you with this until we put onto rambling about the reason why we think they are so great.

​Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

​The table above contains a summary of our top selections for the best self cleaning litter boxes. Each pick is actually a perfectly workable option to have the job of cleaning litter therefore that you never have to.

Our evaluations are based on efficacy, ease of use and value for money.

To Assist You make the all important decision on which Self cleaning cat litter box will be the main one for you personally, we've examined them in a little more thickness. Below is a list of the best self cleaning litter boxes for cats, reviewed in mind.

​1. Litter-Robot III Open Air

Litter-Robot III Open Air

​The third iteration in it's array, the Litter Robot III is a Master Piece In automatic litter cleaning. We have rated it as the best self cleaning litter box available self and we can not wait to inform you about how great it is.

For anyone who's looked over or used it's predecessor the Litter-Robot II, then it is possible to get a larger more ergonomic launching, an upgraded design, along with an amazing self-healing detector.

You will find not any rakes or wires that could potentially get jammed , so it's really a very reliable runner. A pressure detector interior informs the Litter Robot if your cat enters and leaves, therefore it can organize a clean up to the not too distant future.

Measuring In at 26.8 x 24.4 x 29.1 inches and a weight of 23.2 lbs it's really a hefty appliance capable of home even the biggest of cats.

It is large opening coupled with the additional space inside makes cats far more comfortable entering and leaving without any fuss. This also makes it the ​best automatic litter box for large cats.

It is Functionality makes cleaning automatic up. While the Litter-Robot III does, no other device out there gives the same amount of automation.

There is no need to come in contact It has super structure, and Waste at any point means you can get a reliable litter box that' will withstand the test of time.

Designed with odor control in mind, it performs exactly as well using routine litter as a regular litter box would using special odor controlling litter. The enclosed layout means that jumble wont spill over onto the surrounding area, also it's as silent because you could expect a mechanical appliance to be.

Featuring a whole host of attributes you can't Find elsewhere, it is an extremely configurable piece of kit. Sleep style and cleaning cycles make it the market leader for people willing to shell out a few more bucks. It can start cleaning anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes after your cat has finished your own business. The controllers also possess a lock option that prevents children meddling with all the preferences, they really have thought of everything.

Additionally, it features a blue LED night lighting that brings it into life in lowlight conditions like something out a sci-fi movie.

It's You really do get what you pay for, although pricey, there is no denying this. It absolutely isn't the most effective affordability ​automatic litter box outside there, but boy can it be that the outright best. You'll be hard pushed to locate anybody from the firm that believes otherwise.

Shipped with a 90 afternoon money back guarantee, and also an 18 month Manufacturers promise, it's absolutely well worth a try when you have the cash to pay and therefore are in the market for the very best self cleaning litter box.

Take a look at some of the outstanding reviews and find additional information with the button below.

​2. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

​Really a interesting design that particular one. It's built from the image of some traditional (individual ) toilet, and also flushes like you.

It's Also intriguing in that it is the only litter box we've ever seen that uses a permanent reusable litter in the form of granules. Yep, you heard that right, permanent. It recycles the mess and churns any waste using a pipe that must be connected to a garbage line or toilet (it doesn't take that long to install ).

While our instant reaction was likely similar to yours, "oh my god, we finally never Have to buy cat litter again", that is not quite correct. Each clean usually leaves a little bit of litter via waste, although it's not much, it does add up.

Every 6-8 weeks or so you'll want to purchase a new cartridge, that may provide you up to the following  240  washes. They're not expensive, so it works out marginally more economical than buying regular cat litter every couple weeks. These cartridges come in both A unscented version, it's down to personal taste but we found unscented to function most useful. The mechanical motion of flushing could create the"fresh" odor to be stirred up and as a result it's quite potent.

You will waste less litter and get the very best results if your cat tends to maneuver firm stools. As this isn't something you can control apart from by diet, don't be worried about it too far, it's still very very good at separating feces from litter.

Litter box

​It has dimensions are 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches, so it's marginally Smaller than the Litter Robot III, but remains appropriate for large cats and multi-cat households. We found it most useful when used in combination with the GenieDome, an attachment which covers the litter bowl up to offer cats a few privacy. Additionally, it looks alot better around your home once the bowl is covered up.

We have seen reports of several issues with clogging, though it appears these are mostly caused by cat hair that has become the bowl and built up within a lengthy Period of time. It's hard to understand that as a fault with the machine , since regular brushing should be a part of each cat owner's routine.

You will rather literally never have to Deal with your cat's waste hands free when utilizing the CatGenie 120. It separates and disposes of waste and you don't have to worry about clearing. Feeling, Most useful .

If it's complete automation you are after but aren't inclined to fork out the excess dollar to your own Litter Robot, subsequently that is the best self cleaning litter box for you.

​3. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra

​We totally adore that the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra. For all of us, it's the ideal mix of efficacy and worth.

During writing it's about a third of the purchase price of their highest rated option, however, performs as well as you can hope for a cheaper self cleaning litter box.

It Comes with a flexible delay settings, which means it is possible to decide how long after your cat has visited the rake should run to wash up. We found it best to place this for sooner as opposed to after, so scents do not have a chance to take hold in your property. A privacy hood which contains aromas and makes the whole think look a bit nicer, and a wellness countertop.

The health counter monitors how many occasions the box was used. It is surprisingly Handy as it's often tough to tell whether your cat has been making proper utilization of an automatic cat litter box with no being there to watch it.

Waste is squeezed to a disposable Tray that sits beneath the apparatus, and also therefore that it's not as likely to release odors once it's been accumulated, the crystal works to dehydrate the waste. It can self clean without any inference for weeks at one time, which is fairly incredible since it simply measures 28.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches.

Crystal litter is far more granular than regular jumble, so it might be worth purchasing some separately and giving your cat to adapt to crystal clutter at a familiar setting before moving them on it.

​The refill trays are offered in several possibilities, you will find also a dye option that is free and scented and unscented varieties. They assert to make use of approximately 5-10x less litter than traditional litter boxes, however the official refill trays may set you back a bit. It's projected a single refill tray can last so long as 1 month at the best conditions (just one cat home) though, which isn't too bad in any respect.

We will make 1 recommendation here though, you'd best invest in a forever Tray. You'll still must replace the litter itself every 30 days or so, however, you will save a tonne of dollar in the long run perhaps not requiring a brand fresh tray each and everytime you want to freshen this up.

It is very Quiet. It did freak out our kitty at first nonetheless it after an hour or so that they were pretty comfortable with it.

We have noticed that the crystal litter is very effective at perhaps not tracking all around your house after it has been triumphed, which is just a really great bonus.

All in all it's a fantastic Option for those without the budget to adapt a few of those other options above. It hold it's own cleaning litter programs available, however, lacks a whole great deal of the features you get together with those.

When it's still a little on the other side for you, our next recommendation may be up your street.

​4. PetSafe ScoopFree

PetSafe ScoopFree

​The PetSafe ScoopFree could be your baby brother of the Petsafe ScoopFree Ultra we talked about about. It has got a place on our list because the very best budget automatic cat litter tray option.

You lose the solitude hood (which may be purchased separately), The capacity to adjust the rake wait, and also the counter. Features that are a prerequisite, but do polish off the product in general lot.

The rake delay isn't really something we missed, the health counter is still a wonderful feature though, and it is worth the extra few bucks.

We realized we really missed the privacy hood, even as it generally appears to execute a good occupation of containing odors for just a while. It also makes the whole apparatus look a bit neater and more affordable.

In case You should purchase this automatic litter cleaning the hood and also unit you'd be paying maybe perhaps not remote the purchase price tag on the Ultra version. If you feel that'll ever need to purchase the hood, we'd urge you just buy the Ultra variant. That way you will get the ideal model available and the extra features in the first location.

Aside from that, it does exactly the exact same job because the Ultra version, so much of the merit remains. It's really a solid all round automatic cleaner, so that's as cheap as they can come.

The Same logic applies to the re-usable litter trays as with the Ultra version. They are quite costly. You're better off purchasing rescue yourself a fortune at the long run by simply needing to replace the mess, which is available at a much lower price.

It's not the best self cleaning cat litter tray on the market, but it is the most economical and it works. Therefore it has absolutely earned it's put on the list, also if we do recommend choosing the Ultra if your budget allows it.

​Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth the Money

​As with most matters, it precipitates your requirement. For all of us, they are worth the investment.

They save a great deal of time, be certain the litter tray remains clean and smells fresh, and you don't have to face that familiar smell of a used litter box. These boxes also do a wonderful job of reducing litter dust.

The fact you're even here reading this article suggests you've had enough of performing the task by hand, as have many cat owners. We frankly believe if longer owners have been aware of the efficacy and worth of this newest self cleaning litter boxes, they'd be ready to provide them a go. It's just that people are often stuck in our manners.

There's Obviously a decision to be made by how much you want to invest. We'd say it's worth investing in a few of those better litter boxes, the ability is very likely to be far superior and run more reliably. After all, the idea of the purchase is to just take the work out of your hands. There is A cheap automatic litter box very likely be considered a hassle to maintain or to get clogged up, which is not even close to ideal.

At the end of the scale, you're definitely going to really be Taking a Look in a minimal Of 100 dollars or to get a top of the range self cleaning litter box. The higher end of this scale is usually 3x greater than that, but do come with more functionality, and also are generally easier to maintain.

Most are drained their cat might well not use automatic litter boxes, making the purchase a waste of cash. This moves us onto the next point.

​Will My Cat Use An Automatic Litter Box?

​In virtually all situations, the solution is yes.

Cats are notoriously picky, everybody knows that. It could consider some moment for these to eventually become used to a system litter box, but with perseverance the very stubborn little kitties may make use of them.

Remember that the best self cleaning litter trays are specifically Designed to make sure they are appealing for cats. You'll see that each of the models we analyzed previously either come with, or have available, a privacy hood to enclose the distance.

When you've chosen for a model without a solitude hood, then consider purchasing one as an attachment in case you continue to own issues. Since they make them feel safe cats love enclosed spaces.

​Tricks To Get Them Comfortable

​You can use the tips as with a regular litter box to Receive your kitty to utilize their automatic litter box:

  • ​Place recognizable toys Across the box
  • Make sure it's located in an area they are already familiar in
  • Interact with all the box to reveal it is not a danger

​Additionally, it May take just a little longer for cats to find comfortable around a system, especially once they have found it building a noise. Most of the boxes on our list are intentionally as silent as possible for this precise reason. They do still let a dull humming noise, however, and the movement is enough to spook some timid cats.

​Introducing The New Litter

​In Some scenarios, the self cleaning litter box​ will come together with it's own range of litter. This can make the transition into an automatic one which bit harder.

If your litter box does use a Particular sort of litter , You will be in a position to purchase refill packs. It might be a good idea to purchase a refill package to utilize your litter tray. This will aid your kitty feel more comfortable using the new form of clutter at a comfortable environment.

Not all of the litter used it self cleaning litter trays will likely be suitable for use in a standard kitty cat litter box. Before you decide to take to the above Take a read up on whether they are or aren't.

In the case of the Petsafe ScoopFree Self cleaning cat litter box, a crystal based litter is used. Cats and owners will not be knowledgeable about crystal litter, therefore it can be a change needing to maneuver onto this from a prevalent litter, bear that in mind

​Benefits Of An Automatic Litter Box

​Obviously The standout benefit is apparent from the name of it. It's automatic. You will not have to come in close contact with kitty litter.

Other than that though, they also offer a whole host Unless you've seen these in action, of other benefits which may not be so obvious. Luckily we've experienced them for action, and all these are the things we are the main benefits of a self cleaning litter box.

​Odor Control

​Odor direction in cat litter ​is a concern for people, we all love having is a litter box and guests round. With a self-cleaning litter box, this can be much less of a problem.

We were originally doubtful, since most of the automatic boxes use a different kind of litter that is not renowned because of it has odor prevention qualities. Nothing with most of the very best self cleaning litter boxes offering an adjustable rake delay, so you can set them to operate as close as 3 minutes after your cat has finished their business.

Smells won't travel far in 180 moments, particularly if your automatic litter tray has a privacy hood.

Cleaning so fast after the litter box has been used ensures that smells don't have a possiblity to disperse through the house and the cat litter box is clean and fresh ready for the future usage.


​Super, super convenient could be the perfect method to describe self-cleaning boxes.

The most useful models are totally self sufficient, together with boxes like the CatGenie being capable of disposing of the waste it self meaning that it may be left to it has obligation for several weeks at one time.

After wanting one of them you won't ever return to a normal cat litter box.


​Built with hygiene in mind, such top of the range automatic litter boxes may serve to eliminate waste and also stop bacteria growing on your cat litter box.

The Models that do dispose contain in a off compartment Which waste is stored and dehydrated. When the time comes to change Trays, you simply swap out the old and place a brand new one in. No requirement to Come with almost any waste whatsoever.

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