The Best Cat Foods For Weight Loss 2019 – Low Calorie & High Protein

​High-protein, low calorie cat foods are important to maintaining a healthful weightreduction. With portioning we found Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Natural to be the most effective balanced weight loss cat food.

best cat food for overweight cats

​The Transition from kitten to mature cat and during to senior comes with necessary dietary amendments to make sure your cat remains in a healthy weight. Just because a vast majority of cat owners continue to feed their cat the exact same food all through their daily life, obesity in mature cats is now quite a frequent matter.

While exploring the topic of reducing obesity in cats, we all found that Instinct Ultimate Protein Grain Free Natural is the best cat food for weight loss. Typically, a reversal of regular combined side feeding habits may benefit your overweight cat and guide them back to a healthy weightreduction.

We have pulled together a listing of hints and tips below to assist you manage your cat's burden and provide them the very potential for losing a couple pounds. To begin, let us take a look at what the market offers concerning food choice.

​Top 6 Best Diet Cat Food





​490 kCal


​396 kCal


​305 kCal


​332 kCal


370 kCal


​315 kCal

​The cat foods recorded especially contain a advanced of protein and also a low level of carbohydrates. This balance ensures that the cat receives the nutrition they desire with no added weight gain.

Felines don't require some carbohydrates in their diet, they evolved to survive off a high protein diet plan.

Because some foods are more calorie dense, appropriate percentage sizes should be carefully researched and also adhered to if feeding your pet.

​The Best Cat Food For Weight Loss

Best Cat Foods For Weight Loss

​Let's Take a look at the benefits of each of our top rated cat weight loss foods. We've recorded the appropriate portion sizes to get several to offer you a rough idea of just how much you should be ingesting. Below is alist of this best cat foods for overweight cats who are guaranteed to help your pet get rid of weight at a fast, but controllable way.

​1. Instinct Ultimate Protein Natural

Instinct Ultimate Protein Natural

​Instinct's Ultimate Protein cat food is a absolute stand-out competition for the title of best cat food to weight loss.

Totally grain free, this tender food averts bloating with cats using unnecessary cereals along with other non-meat fillers. Together with 95 percent or more of the protein material originating out of real chicken, you can be certain your furry friend is getting all of the nutrition they require.

If You are uncertain about which to search for in fat reduction cat food, do not stress. We'll get to this part later, for now you'll only have to trust us if we say a minimum of 47% protein is absolutely outstanding.

Because of the high amount of real meat, cats love this specific food. We're yet to see a cat attack a dish full of food that is dry food with such eagerness to eat, so that because of this, absolutely totally completely free feeding is absolutely not the ideal option here. Make sure you limit feeding appropriately.

It's really a little heavy on calories per cup (490 ish) when compared with different cat foods with this list, which seems counter-productive, however, the feeding amounts should be more smaller.

The super high protein content ensures that your cat receives the ideal nutrition and feel fulls and fulfilled despite the smaller portion size.

While ideal feeding levels vary from cat to cat, Instinct recommend that cats Seeking to Shed weight should Adhere to the following quantities Every Day (8oz dry step cup):


5 lbs

10 lbs

15 lbs


1/4 Cup

3/8 Cup

1/2 Cup

​It goes without mentioning that the numbers above are only guidelines, you ought to start there and shift accordingly in case you find no change on your cat's weight loss.

Take a look at the massive quantity of favorable reviews and proprietor reports of cat weight loss as a result of this food by clicking the button above.

​2. BLUE Wilderness High Protein

BLUE Wilderness High Protein

​It's hardly a secret we love BLUE wilderness dry cat food. This weight control chicken variety is no different.

The combination of premium caliber, protein-rich, Grain free kibble and delicious chicken helps it be one of the top meals out there for cats who must lose a burden reduction. Taurine as well as other essential vitamins give big wellness benefits that can not be found in cheap cat food.

BLUE Wilderness urge that you facilitate your cat gradually onto the foodstuff (most manufacturers recommend something similar). Start with mixing about 25 percent of BLUE dry cat food with all the current food and gradually raise the ratio from that point. This should help to make the transition as eloquent as you can from your cat's perspective.

just under 400 kcals/cup (396) it has a super impressive balance of weight loss and decent nutrition, a thing that other brands usually fight to get right.

Cats may even welcome a little hot water blended with this particular dry food, since it'll assist you to fully release the flavors and aromas.

​3. Natural Balance Fat Cats Formula

Natural Balance Fat Cats Formula

Natural Balance aren't the very well-known brand available, and admittedly the packaging seems like it's right out of a 1980s washing powder advert. But take a peek beneath that and you're going to discover a premium quality, very low calorie cat food that's suited perfectly to solving the problem of obesity in cats.

Boasting an incredibly lower 305 kcal/cup, it's one of the lowest calorie cat foods available today. Containing a minimum of 35 percent Protein and 0.15percent taurine, it provides all the best benefits you find in more expensive options from established brands.

It's possible to discover helpful portion size tips designed for Natural Balance cat food at Natural Balance's website under the Feeding recommendations tab, abiding by these can provide you the very best results.

Grain free and made in the united states, the grade is out standing . There are a few reviews that claim it's really a tad too powdery (crumbles easily), though that is probable down to a deficiency of complex carbohydrates (that is a good item ) to glue the material together. It's a tiny price to cover a body weight loss cat food that basically works.

​4. BLUE Freedom Grain Free

BLUE Freedom Grain Free

​Again we find ourselves raving over a BLUE cat food. We've even already analyzed this grain free adult cat food over at our post about dry cat food. But taking a look at it from the weight-loss perspective, we'll elaborate on the reason why we like it a lot.

Though not being promoted as an diet cat food, it has notable balance of calories and nourishment make it perfect for cats. It comprises just 332 kcal/cup that's lower than some of the additional weight loss cat foods within this particular list.

BLUE are well-known for using just the best and finest quality ingredients in their cat foods, and there is no exception here.

Elevated quantities of vitamin natural protein and fiber means cats stay feeling filled whilst moving towards a healthy weightreduction.

The True blue Promise gives you reassurance that their products include:

  • ​Real protein-rich chicken
  • No more byproduct meals
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No corn, wheat or soy

​The producers ​provide a large variety Of formulations, each designed around the needs of cats of various ages. Have a peek with all the button above to find more out.

​5. NUTRO MAX Indoor Cat

​NUTRO Max is an cheap dry cat food formulated for weight control in cats. While we tend to recommend against going to your less expensive option when it comes to feeding your kitty, the superior ingredients offer very excellent value for cash .

Most cheap cat foods that are economical offer excellent by product meal that's made up of meat that isn't acceptable for individual consumption. You wouldn't want to feed that to your own cat, so it is a good job NUTRO's ingredients comprise natural, real meat that you would certainly be delighted to consume your self .

It contains a minimum of 30 percent protein, and this is slightly lower than the most useful on our own list but still a decent quantity.

We'll talk in considerably more depth about the importance of protein farther down, but the gist is that it helps cats retain muscle when losing weight. Essential stuff.

​Filled with omega3 and omega6 efas, you get yourself a majority of the health benefits found in the costlier options with no hefty pricetag. It comprises around 370 kcal/cup that's a fair volume. The best amount to feed your kitty to lose weight can be seen from the table below:


​4 lbs

8 lbs

12 lbs

1​6 lbs

​20 lbs


1/4 Cup

1/2 Cup

2/3 Cup

3/4 Cup

​1 Cup

​One among the best cheap weight loss cat foods around, we'd tremendously recommend anyone with limited funds gives this an attempt before opting for an even more costly food.

​6. Hills Science Diet Light

Hills Science Diet Light

Hill's Science Diet cat food is precisely balanced for a healthy lifestyle. It contains about 315 kcal/cup which is a remarkable 21% less calories than their routine choice.

Using a High-protein (33%) quite happy with fiber that is ample, it also provides your cat with all the meal they need to really feel full whenever they lose weight. It contains no artificial preservatives or flavours and ingredients from the sources available.

Vitamin E+C help encourage a healthy immune system, whereas taurine and omega acids help combat different health problems such as loss of eyesight and kidney troubles.

Created with digestibility in mind, the superior ingredients means that you'll see no litter box problems (a thing that can many times be a problem with even the very best weight loss cat foods) .

Litter box issues are often seen when changes are made to your cat's diet. This is the reason why cat food manufacturers urge you gradually introduce a new food.

It's a great all rounder, A sensible price and plenty of nutrition. It doesn't quite be at the best options on this particular list, but this is actually really a weight loss food which you ought to think about trying, as cats have different tastes.

​Does Your Cat Weigh Too Much?

Best Dry Cat Foods For Weight Loss

A Surprising quantity of cat owners are not conscious of precisely what the weight ranges that are healthy are for cats. For most domestic cats, ranging is between 8 and 10 pounds. According to the APOP (Organization for Pet Obesity Prevention) it's projected that 59 percent of cats are over weight or obese.

Different breeds have different ranges, therefore it is important that you do your research into what makes a healthy weight for the furry friend (Maine Coon cats could be OK as much as 25 lbs) .

A cat is generally described as fat when it is body-weight is significantly more than 20​% Above the level that is perfect. Believing in terms of percentages really can create the problem hit home. It's simple for us as humans to discount a few additional pounds as nothing more , but an extra two pounds onto a cat would be the equivalent of a shocking 28 pounds to a 140-pound human. Imagine the sensation of carrying all that extra weight just walking around, not to mention jumping and running.

Your initial step must be to weigh your cat if you are concerned about their weight. It is the the ideal way to be sure whether or not you will need to move them on a weight reduction cat food to help them return to a wholesome weight.

Lacking taking or weighing your cat are. If your furry friend does not have a clear and visible waist/hip structure, or even a stomach that hangs downwards then it's very likely that they're somewhat over weight in the best.

​Health Risks for Overweight Cats

​The risks for obese cats can be excessively serious. Diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and in extreme cases even cancer. Hopefully this hammers home the value of the food that you choose and it has effect in your own cat's health.

Higher blood pressure is also a frequent issue in pets and may be exaggerated by obesity, resulting in increased risk of organ damage and even loss of eyesight. Injury causes eyesight damage to the retina caused to hypertension.

Arthritis amounts in obese cats have been 3-5 times a lot. This causes disquiet for them while landing or leaping and can make them become more sedentary and helpless.

Cats that are overweight will also be subject to extra precautions in regards to anesthetizing or surgery. An overweight cat could take longer To recover from anesthesia meaning a few vets may be reluctant to perform surgery that would otherwise be routine on a normal sized cat.

As with humans, a cat that asserts a healthier weight may endure a longer, more fulfilling life than an overweight cat.

Obesity affects your cat's joint health insurance and as a result can severely impact their mobility. Lowered mobility contributes to less strenuous exercise and also the cat becomes more inclined to adding on longer weight. It's super easy for a cat weight if your own diet is not controlled by you to spiral out of control plan.

​Why Your Cat Could Be Overweight

​The biggest cause of obesity in cats would be rash over feeding. The Tradition of complimentary feeding makes food accessible to cats 24/7, Plus they can't necessarily be trusted to handle their particular intake. This is a problem for cats, since their food diets usually need to get adjusted to account for the lowered activity levels of a life inside.

Oftentimes, the cat may have a medical condition Predisposes them , if you think this relates to a cat, it is ideal to pay a stop by to with a vet and get them assessed.

Obesity is more prevalent in cats because of the organic decrease in the cat's exercise. While the decreased activity is a natural method, being fed with them the exact identical volume of food as when they were active is not.

You ought to tailor your ​cat's daily diet to their lifestyle and era to assist them remain a weight that is wholesome .

An average cat just needs about 200 Weight issues can be caused by Calories each day over-feeding alongside food very fast. Food which contains a great deal of carbohydrates is likely to lead to weight gain, as it is rich in carbs and isn't just a component of a cat's dietplan.

Treats are a huge contributor to weight reduction in cats due to their high content. We recommend asking your veterinarian during your next trip about the best plan of action for supplying treats in a responsible manner.

Recall that cats do not feed themselves. You are responsible for ensuring they get the appropriate portion sizes to their own weight and lifestyle.

​Tips for Helping a Cat Lose Weight

​Portion sizes

​Monitor Portion sizes and correct them according to your cat's weight changes. Should they are still gain weight, it is best to lower it slowly before their weight becomes more manageable.

We have Listed the portion sizes that were recommended above. Since all the recommended cat foods above are between your variety of 300-400 kcals/cup, you can use those as a guide for any cat food using a similar calorie content to find the best outcomes.

In the event you are someone who's used to free-feeding your cat (leaving food out for them to consume any time they desire ) then you definitely should look to change your habit. If you are out of the house a lot, then you can use a automatic feeder that will dispense food at a certain set time. This ought to prevent overfeeding while ensuring they get fed in an appropriate time of day.

​Interactive feeding

​Consider utilising an interactive feeder to generate meal times longer of a challenge. While it may seem like an aggravation, cats want both physical and psychological stimulation, therefore making them work for his or her food may offer them with both.

It Should also slow them down a bit, causing them to feel more full out of a meal rather than scoffing everything down in just a matter of moments.

​Extra activity

​Play with your cat. There are a lot of engaging and exciting toys around that you could enjoy along with your cat and keep them active and moving from the process. You should aim to get them pursuing and moving for between 20 to 30 minutes daily.

If time is a little short and also you can't provide this involvement each single day to them, look themselves. Many cat furniture such as homes include toys that cats can employ to keep themselves entertained, even though it willn't serve as a comprehensive alternative to individual interaction.

​What to Look for in Weight Loss Cat Food

​The most important factor to consider in your cat's diet plan is your role that ​Carbohydrates ​play. ​Carbohydrates are typically utilised in cat foods to package them glue kibble and produce the food go. They sacrifice the protein content in the foodstuff to attain this.

I'll state it you've missed it, although I have said this a million times before. Cats have definitely no need for carbohydrates in their diets.

Carbs aren't fundamentally bad, but if they aren't a necessary ingredient then avoid being forfeiting protein just to include them.

It's ideal to look to get low carb, high protein cat foods to provide your cat the best chance of shedding weight.

Cat naturally live off a diet that is almost entirely protein. From the open, the sole carbohydrates they consume are the gut contents of their prey (perhaps maybe not a wonderful picture, I understand!) .

A diet that has too many carbohydrates and not enough protein contributes to a loss in lean muscle, which then reduces the metabolic rate of one's cat, and contributes to further weight gain if their diet isn't adjusted to account for its change. I am positive that you may observe the way this spirals out of control.

The best weight loss foods in our listing comprise top ​excellent protein in amounts of 35 percent Or more. That is crucial, as it usually means that cats are getting enough protein to maintain muscle while they're losing the fat that is additional.

​Though you might hear tips for high quality diets, these are sacrificing the critical protein which allows cats to sustain muscle tissue. They might appear effective from the short term, however a weight lack of muscle mass will almost always lead to them not losing fat, or regaining it very quickly whenever you return their calorie intake to a care level.

​Getting Your Cat Onto A Diet Cat Food

​Start with becoming the cat seen with a vet. They'll be able to weigh your cat correctly , and let you know how much weight that they want to shift for to some healthful Weight. A vet will even be able to recognize any health conditions which should influence your choice when picking a suitable weight loss cat food.

Remember That cats are fussy and also also a swap from magnificent foods into a weight loss food may not be the way to go about it. Most manufacturers recommend you gradually introduce your furry friend by blending them in with their diet into weight loss foods plan.

You can start Only a 15% mix of the brand newest low calorie cat food using all the meals they now consume, and gradually up that over a span of fourteen days Or therefore. This removes the possibility of these flat out rejecting the new food, also produces the transition as easy as you can from the cat's viewpoint.

Gently moving on the quantity of a calorie cat food would be your best clinic for the reason that it avoids the temptation to drastically decrease the quantity of food. Starvation diets really are acutely dangerous for felines as they require a fully nutritious diet to avoid illnesses like hepatic lipidosis. Hepatic lipidosis is a liver disorder that cats are far especially prone-to, thus making sure they eat a nutritious meal ought to be your main concern.

Be prepared for a ​few possible Troubles when adjusting into a low calorie weight loss food. This won't necessarily indicate that is of a very low quality, it can happen with a number of the best weight loss foods since cat's digestive systems adapt. If you have a indoor cat, then we'd advise you to consider getting a feral cat litter since it helps to mask any nasty odors if you haven't already.

Stop totally free feeding, and decide on a specific meal period that you control. Don't leave food lying around for them to bite on and limit snacks so that they make up less than 10% of their ​cat's daily caloric intake

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