The Best Cat Trees For Large Cats ( Sturdy Condos – Multiple Cats )

​A cat tree constructed with large cats in your mind will probably have posts and also a solid base. We've done the job of highlighting which provides most bang for the buck and finding the best around.

Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

​Cats Have a natural impulse to climb scratch and love sleeping above ground level​, cat tree for large cats can be a bit of struggle. This struggle is worsened by the volume of poor quality cat trees masquerading as hardy, reliable types.

Large cats need a cat tower that's lasting and can manage the force of them jumping it on / off with ease. The best cat trees for big cats are made with this in your mind. A cat tree that is light weight only will not do the job. We found the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo to be the very best cat tree for large cats  available now because of its varied entertainment options and its sturdy broad base.




​64 lbs

​67 in

​​​54 lbs

65 in

​​​​46 lbs

6​2 in

​30 lbs

​47.5 in

​31 lbs

​51 in

​87 lbs

​55 in

​Understand that most trees vary in size somewhat. Just take each picture above with a grain of salt and make sure you check the measurements by clicking through on each. There you will have the ability avert any disappointment and to see more about each merchandise. A cat tree for large cats than what you imagining.

Keep your needs in Mind and make sure you elect for your tree that gives the cat the best encounter. It's no usage choosing a flimsy small version your large cat won't appreciate.

​1. SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo 67"

SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo 67"

​Move over, Midwest Homes! Around date whenever possible, we love to maintain our guides and reviews. Once revisiting our listing of cat trees for large cats, we still presume the SONGMICS Cat Tree Condo currently overlooks the top spot.

You May Not Believe how luxurious this cat tree is. The lightest substances cover every one of those three tall perches and condos, and sturdy supporting poles are covered in sisal rope such as scratching.

It attracts so much Entertainment into the table which it's hard for almost any other tree to compete. Not only do cats seem to love running up the ramp and straight into the condo, however, you'll also often see them sat on the medial side levels having fun with the dangling chunks.

Among our favorite things is how good it looks. In comparison to other trees it's really a joy to look at and fits in with decor.

It is Offered in dark grey and also a much lighter grey, if dark luxury fur isn't your thing. The superb sturdy base together with the sensible distribution of levels and also perches mean it stands incredibly strongly and doesn't seem like it could ever be knocked over by cats .

We've preserved the best feature the price, until past.

It feels like this type of high excellent cat tree for large cats we can not believe we managed to select it out for somewhere around the $100 mark. The substances, the amount of entertainment and variation offered rivals that of even the most expensive cat trees available on the market for a small percentage of the purchase price.

It has gone straight to the top of our list directly to our cat's hearts. You can find out more stories of how well this tree was received by additional cat owners using the button above. You are guaranteed to love it.

​2. MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Tree

MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Tree

​On of our favorites and previously our winner to get the best tree round, the ​Feline Nuvo from MidWest Homes may be the perfect balance of entertainment and relaxation.

It's exceptionally durable and can be layered using the finest supersoft faux fur fabric that makes cats feel right at home.

Featuring five extra thick, hardy scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope, so it also provides your cats with all the perfect atmosphere for biting and playing out from the furniture. It's as climbable as if cat climbing trees get on account of the large vertical pole which stretches from the ground to the top.

The hanging toys drive when they've, and cats bonkers Worn out themselves there're just two"hide and seek" style pods and a top perch available to allow them to sleep in.
The fabric interior is really, very soft. In the summer isn't uncommon to see them sleeping at top perch as it's warmer, but the bedrooms are perfect for finding warmth from winter.

It's really Easy to assembled and comes with a 12 months manufacturers warranty, so that you have the satisfaction that you're covered in the unlikely event that the large cats figure out how to break this item.

Have a look at the Other outstanding reviews that tree has already established using the button above. Hopefully you'll see that everyone loves it just as much as we all perform.

​3. Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

​Armarkat Have made a really high excellent cat condo which rivals the more costly options on our list by some of the best manufacturers round.

It's incredibly good value for money also retains up to 40lbs Of weight at once. It will take less than thirty minutes to assemble with the provided allen wrench and screwdriver and looks quite pretty when it's all put together.

The picture really does not do it much justice at All goes. The soft fur is clean and light, giving a feeling of quality into the product that's no where to be found on the more affordable models.

It isn't far off 6feet tall, despite it being pretty sturdy and definitely appropriate for bigger cats, perhaps you are best off placing it at the corner of a room or off from any additional furniture.

A Large cat running this with the force they often exert when they're chasing one another is very likely to produce short work of knocking it over. It's far better to be safe than sorry.

​4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

​This super soft medium sized cat tree from Go Pet Club will be the best cat tree for multiple pets.

It's A really nice size and the perches are incredibly sturdy. It includes a rope and also a hanging toy to maintain puppies busy throughout playtime, we found ours liked the rope that the best, however every cat has favorites.

We've Seen videos of upto 5 pets sat with this particular tree [including small dogs] Without it showing any signs of wobbling. You don't have to be worried about this tree falling over during normal usage.

It's the extra bonus of providing a totally adorable sight in seeing with your kitten scale the ladder.

The Basket got probably the usage. It gives them a vantage point that is nice having a slight lip to the basket which keeps them feeling safe when sleeping up.

It's an allround great bargain. One of the cheapest large trees for cats on the market today.

​5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

​This Move Pet Club 51″ Cat Tree offers everything we could hope for in terms of style a relaxation. It's made from wood, faux fur and also the rope that was greatest. Which makes it the best cat tree for small cats and kittens.

It's Less of an eyesore than some of the models, but we feel it will lack a bit. Do not let this discourage you though, it's really a product and it has the most appealing selling price tag of any within our checklist.

You may always add toys and because you see fit hanging rope, those are not costly enough to be concerned about.

We thought it for a top quality cat tree all round and found it to put together.

​6. Trixie Cat Tree Play House

Trixie Cat Tree Play House

​We Simply had to include that. Any list regarding the very best cat trees for big cats would be incomplete without this creature that is absolute from Trixie pet products.

It features a shocking 10 scratching, two condos, 2 platforms and a play tunnel. Be warned, it's really a little on the expensive side compared to some of the other options on this particular list.

To your money though, you do get a Hell of a lot. With the button below to check out the list of features click.

Beds and the posts are created making this the most luxurious cat tree available today.

Recommended For owners with a number of felines that are hard to please! It's your very best bet at keeping them entertained for hours on end.

​Picking The Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

Cat Trees For Large Cat

​Cats are given the chance to stretch play, relax and mark their land by the best cat trees.

As With the majority of matters, you receive what you pay for. That is especially valid with trees and scratching posts for large cats. We've discovered posts, perches and entire trees fall due to the use of low quality substances.

Always make an effort to acquire the best fit for the furry friend. You need to take their own weight into consideration when purchasing a cat tree if you are trying to adapt a large cat.

Many of the more affordable models are far too lightweight To remain sturdy when them jump on and off. Cheap cat trees will sew beneath the burden of a huge cat, that they don't enjoy that.

Cats Much prefer to devote time onto a standing cat tree which shake their body fat and does not sway side to side. The very best trees for ​large cats are always built with strength in mind.

With that Saidyou do not have to spend a fortune to be in a position to get your hands on a number of the best cat climbing trees. Our list aforementioned features some exceptional value for money buys and made out of high quality.

We'd urge being on the side and opting for a tree that supports a reasonably higher load than the weight of one's cats combined. Don't make an effort to estimate your weight if you have large cats. Attempt to have your cats weighed.

The majority of The products above will see that the weight bearing capacity and it's something that you should definitely pay attention to. If you even suspect your pets combined's burden will probably be too much, then proceed on to a wider option.

​Which Size Cat Tower Is Best

​This Is totally dependent on the space available for you, how big your large cat, and whether or not you have a few cats that may wish to make use of it. It goes without saying that cats want cat trees that are big cat trees and panels to support their weight.

You ought to be looking at buying a tree or scratching article which allows your cat to fully loosen up when they scratch. The best size post for an average sized cat is usually around the 50cm mark.

Taller cat places may possibly require some attachment to a ceiling or wall to ensure they stay vertical, though this really should not be an issue with some one of these trees within our list. It depends how much force that your cat will soon be running at the tree with.

If you're looking for a freestanding Whenever full force is currently running in it, large cat tree which will not fall over, you are on the lookout for a miracle!

​What Materials Should I Look For?

​Cat Condos and covered with a faux fur and towers are made from wood. Towers supply a fantastic compromise of quality and cost.

For big cats, it's absolutely worth considering substances like wood that is real.
Higher quality trees will probably be stored together by screws as opposed to nails or adhesive. While the latter can always be mended in case of a breakage, then it's far better to opt for screws at the location at which potential.

Scratching posts Are covered in a material known as sisal rope. It's a coarse material which is perfect for cats to scratch, also keeps them from scratching any door and furniture frames around the house. It's rare to get any cat scratching articles made with other materials nowadays, carpet used to be a popular choice but has ever since been replaced because of it's poor life span.

Sisal rope is generally durable and may Last a lifetime depending on how many cats that you have using it. It does have somewhat ragged eventually (but don't all of us?!) .

Strong wood trees are the priciest, but also the best. Some of those modern cat trees are constructed of solid wood, which look fantastic when compared to pressed wood too.

As Mentioned purchasing a high excellent cat tree might be well worthwhile. There's nothing more disheartening than seeing a tree that the cat loves to bits as it's made with quality materials that are poor.

​The Benefits Of A Cat Tree

​The best cat towers and trees offer you a whole host of advantages to your feline friends and can enhance their all around health and high quality of life.

They Provide a place that is safe to playwith, and also a place to rest. Manufacturers are well off that cats want physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy, and most trees are made with this in mind.

Regardless of which you choose, the best cat tree for large cats should have a lot of toys that encourage them to become more busy and lose weight with.

There are numerous unique possibilities, from dangling toys to dirt and ropes poles. Be sure to choose a tree that may keep your cat amused in addition to keeping them.

Sticks really are a godsend to get ​cat ​loves who need their furniture to survive more than a couple of years. There is nothing more annoying than locating the corners of one's own furniture ripped to shreds once you come home from work.

They are also brilliant for cats overall wellness and enjoyment .

The desire to claw and scrape is an all natural urge for cats that is uncatered for in cat homes. Any well Developed cat ​tower or tree Will feature a scratching post that is lasting, and allows your cat maintain and to sharpen their own claws without damaging your own beloved home. It's especially important for those with indoor cats.

Ramps and Perches allow cats to find the vantage point that they crave. I am positive that you'll have observed that your cat sleeping high up on furniture previously, as well as stepping out of a window. High up perches and baskets are perfect for giving them a sense of security during nap time.

By improving the caliber of life that cats have indoors, they create a closer relationship between your cat and yourself while promoting good health by nurturing natural instincts.

This Since it's difficult to provide them where climbing furniture is acceptable with no utilization of a tower made for them is especially true for cats.

​Wrapping Up

​To wind up you stand to receive from investing at a space for the cat.

The Rope poles that towers and the very best trees offer are fantastic to maintain their claws. Theymaintain your pet happy at the exact same time and'll protect your furniture from scratching.

The bond between your own cats may improve. When you are contemplating introducing a brand new one soon or have multiple cats, acquiring a distance where they can share unwind and enjoyment together is invaluable.

Your cat will Feel much more comfortable in social circumstances. A cat tree for a sizable They are given a foothold in any room by large cat. Having somewhere to To if things get a bit busy will put them retreat situations.

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