The Best Dust Free Cat Litters (Fast Clumping & Easy To Clean)

​Clumping litters make cleaning waste up less cluttered and significantly more easy, none more so than Hammer & Arm Clump & Seal Cat Litter. We've looked at the contest contrasts in terms of dust grades.

Best Dust Free Cat Litters

​Whether you're a first-time cat owner or even a seasoned pro, locating the best clumping cat litter can be a daunting task. You will find so Many manufacturers of cat litter on the market unless you're well informed on the differences between them, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Easy cleaning is typically a huge factor when picking which litter is best to buy.

We discovered that Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter is your best dust free cat litter. Many individuals assume you can pick up any old litter off the shelf and see the exact results as you would with a top quality brand of cat litter, but that simply isn't the case.

Clumping cat litter is probably the most commonly Popular kind of mess, however do you know the complete Set of advantages and things to search for? Read and we'll help you through finding the best clumping cat litter to buy for your kitten or adult cat, for example how it may end up saving you money.

​Best Dust Free Cat Litter Brands

​Cat litter comes in several varieties, though you can separate many to two types; clumping and non-clumping. It ought to be pretty straight-forward what the gap between them is by the names. One litter forms hard-clumps when and also the other will not, bet you can't guess that is that "wink".

The best clumping cat litters are made out of a chemical referred to as bentonite clay. It's an excellent absorbent cloth that binds together as it pertains in contact with any liquid, forming clumps that are sturdy.

What difference does it make to you? Well, anyone who is used non-clumping cat litter will tell you it's a nightmare Without replacing pretty much the box, to remove urine. The ideal thing about clumping cat litter is that removing clumps that are solid is straightforward. With clumping litter you don't have to waste any litter that's not come in contact with the liquid, so therefore saving you the time and money.

Let us have a comprehensive appearance and review a handful of these products above. Below is a list of the top dust free cat litters which make cleaning up easy.

​1. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal

​If you're looking for an cheap clumping cat litter, look no farther.

This cat litters advertises a 100 percent dust free formula and also a seven day odor-free home warranty. Considering it more than lives up to those claims, we've rated it as the best clumping cat litter money can purchase.

It's formula uses Arm & Hammer's celebrated baking soda to eliminate odors on contact, and it really works. It to avoid odor.

We discussed it's odor protection properties at full thickness over at our article about the  best odor preventing cat litters, so we'll keep that short here.

Even the clumps it produces are similar to miniature stones , and does not kick any clouds of dust when a scooper is conducted through it. Clean up is quick, easy and easy to use. No need to sweep mounds of debris out of the base of the tray when you are replacing it .

It's a really light odor that isn't overpowering, which will be more than adequate given the odor-prevention properties.

Described by reviewers as the"Holy Grail of all Cat Litter", it's no more surprise that Arm & Hammer tops our list as the best clumping cat litter brand.

Take a look at more of the outstanding reviews and user experiences for this cat clutter by clicking the button above.

​2. World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter

World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter

​It's a bold move naming your brand-new World's Best, however they're not way off being right.

This clumping cat litter comes in at a close next put on our best cat litter list. The clumps it makes are nice and small and as it's quite simple to clean up. This also means that you don't wind up wasting half of the box every time you clean it, so it lasts a long time.

Our only gripe is that it doesn't shield from odor As the Arm & Hammer cat litter. But if you should be willing to sacrifice the odor protection for advantage, then that may be the very best clumping cat litter for you.

It's bio degradable therefore that it may be flushed down the toilet which is ridiculously suitable. Cleanup doesn't get easier than that.

We did notice It ​can be a bit Hard to remove from the base of the box, though this is credit to the outstanding clumping abilities of it. The ideal method to combat that would be always to fill up the box with approximately 3 or 4 inches of ​litter . This serves to avoid urine which makes it way completely right through to the bottom of the box.

All In all, it's really a solid contender for the number 1 spot, we respect odor protection tremendously to place it above Arm & Hammer.

​3. Dr. Elsey's Cat Ultra Premium

This premium clumping cat litter from Dr. Elsey's is really a very long time favorite among cat owners to its value it offers.

It's made from all natural As this and Substances it's hypoallergenic. This is terrific for cats that are allergic to certain chemicals in clumping cat litters utilised and perfumes.

Additionally, it is a fantastic selection for especially fussy cats who wash their paws relentlessly after having a litter box, since it's the most inclined to be harmful when ingested.

Additionally, it promises a 99.9% dust free evaluation, although it absolutely kicks up a tiny bit more dust that the World's Best litter. It forms solid clumps which do not break down when clearing , which makes it the ideal clumping litter for sifting or mechanical litter boxes.

Maybe not It does a decent job of containing them, although the front-runner from the race to conquer smells that are nasty. Nothing to be worried about supplying the litter box will be cleaned regularly.

Just take a quick look at the amount of favorable reviews this system has by clicking the button above.

​4. Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay

​99.9% dust free and totally natural, Boxiecat is the go to choice for cat owners looking for the best value for your own money.

It forms clumps that are hard that's good for clean up. The clumps are a reasonable size, not no more than the entire world's Greatest, however that makes them more easy to grab litter scoops. Despite being actually does a really good job of covering up the smell of urine.

We really enjoy that it is scent free, Though that's so it's rating doesn't affect something that comes down to personal taste. A significant few cat owners (us included) find that scented clumping litters usually exaggerate the smell of urine and cause it to linger across your home.

They sell in 16lb and 28lb bags, and during the right time of writing the exact 28lb tote costs merely a few dollars longer, therefore we'd recommend stocking up as possible.
The bigger tote has a tendency to continue around a month in case you've got two cats.

We It is difficult to contend with the importance of money, plus were pleased with the standard of the cat litter it provides. If you are on the tight budget, this one is for you personally.

​5. Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense

Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense

​Nature's Miracle can be just a top quality clumping cat litter that is great for use with a number of cats.

It's fast clumping, so pee is comprised quickly and there's barely any noticeable smell. We did not see any dust at all, and it can be a huge relief also ensures your cat gets the very best experience possible. No cat enjoys dusty paws plus it can put some off with their litter box .

It accomplishes much exactly the exact same in the clumping and odor departments as the ​top rated clumping litters on our list. The sole reason it's this far down the checklist is that it doesn't offer the exact same value for money as others above it.

Aside from that, it's an all around solid product from an extremely well respected brand. Most useful if you aren't on a tight budget though, because it can get quite pricey.

​6. Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

​Purina certainly are among the better and most biggest brands within the pet industry and also this instant activity clumping cat litter is a reflection of that.

It clumps very, very quickly and does manage odor pretty well, though perhaps not quite as well as the Arm & Hammer ​cat litter we rated as the best. We found the clumps for always a little on the other side however they were super and solid easy to scoop out.

As with World's best cat litter reviewed previously, it will find a tiny tacky in case it clumps into the base of the litter box, however again, an adequate amount of clutter from the box should avert this.

You get an dreadful Lot for your hard earned money , and it meets most of the criteria we search for in the best clumping cat litter. It's tough to argue with the value considering they a brand.

​Choosing The Right Clumping Cat Litter

​There Are multitude. Choosing the cat litter. Finding the best clumping cat litter for your cat needs some careful considerations. We did our best to position the products above with All the following in your mind:


​Putting This first as it's generally. There's no point using the very best cat litter if it's costing you a fortune.

The price of clumping cat litter could vary considerably according to the quality and brand name. We've made our choices with the best affordability in mind.

Buying in litter in larger amounts is usually the ideal method to get cheap cat litter. Most brands sell a small and large version of any litter, and you will find that the best value for money is based in the bag that is larger.

​Scent and Odor Control

​It is possible to aquire clumping cat litter. Scented is your best choice providing that the furry friend has no allergies that'll lead to irritation.

Dividing the odor of cat urine is a real task, but scented cat litter does a lot to provide help. Some pair up for this added bit of protection against nasty smells.

​Odor control is different. This term identifies the litters ability to lock in ammonia smells quickly. Even some unscented litters are therefore superior at that no more smell escapes from the kitty litter box in any way.

There Are options to increase the odor controlling properties of one's cat litter. You should not worry if you do realize it isn't the very best and purchase a litter and containing aromas then.

Take look at odor-fighting services and products like NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer, that is designed to give any clutter superhero odor fighting abilities.

Clumping cat litter is usually the best solution for odor control, but several brands go far beyond to provide other mechanisms for controlling odor.

It's important you read the tag to determine what brand gives the most useful odor protection. Arm & Hammer utilize their world famous baking soda to break the aromas and that seems to work the very best.


​Here really Is Something Which's frequently overlooked, cat litters produce a great deal Of dust. It makes cleanup up difficult and, unfortunately, clumping cat litter is the worst culprit. The brands know about the problem and also have tried to combat it.

Look for clumping litters that have a dust-free rating of 99% or more to make sure to get the best dust protection potential.

No cats like having dusty paws, therefore getting a dust free cat litter will be key for the cat or kitten to use the litter box without any difficulty.


​Last However, perhaps not least, maybe perhaps not all of cat litter clumps at precisely exactly the exact same manner. You can find some which can be designed to produce clumps. While some can require a couple of moments, some clump quickly.

A quicker clumping activity means less of a chance that smells can escape and roam freely around your home.

Many people are greatest Choosing a clumping litter that creates little clumps. They shape to lock smells, and so are not as ineffective. The only drawback is that clumps can sometimes slip through ​litter scoops. Make sure you equip yourself with some suitable litter scoop should you buy clumping mess that creates smaller clumps.

With that said, which cat litter is the better still remains dependent on your own preferences and needs. Just take the points above into account, but be sure to make the choice that is right foryou and your furry friend.

​Why is Clumping Cat Litter Safe For Kittens

​I have been asked this question so often times previously, and rightly so. The biggest concern with almost some Kitten must be it's safety. Many cats might ever require litter therefore it's really a question that virtually every cat owner needs replied atleast once.

The main concern people have when it has to do with clumping litter and kittens is that clumping litter comprises sodium bentonite clay. Some of even the very best cat clumping litter brands utilize quartz silica too, and the substances are entirely safe that they aren't ingested. They function to soak up liquids and dehydrate waste, which makes it more easy to clean up.

Usage of clumping litter in small levels usually causes no more problems for adult cats. Short of an upset stomach, there's no real reason for concern. However, kittens that ingest more compared to the usual little bit of litter could potentially become seriously ill.

Kittens who input their litter box with moist throats may possibly find yourself having a fair amount of clutter stuck into them. When washing there's a chance they could ingest a substantial sum of the chemicals used to power that the clumping activity.

Very young kittens might well not even differentiate food and litter. They are naturally curious and can make an effort to eat the clutter, especially if they watch the wet clumps inside.

This is my answer, exciting that clumping litter is just used with kittens older than 4 months. This can be time enough to make certain that the kitt​en understands that litter is not food. While many can tell you they've had no problems using clumping litter with their kittens, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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