The 5 Best Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes (Easy To Use & Clean)

​A top entry litter box can work wonders to reduce tracking without the need of a litter tracking mat. Because of it's outstanding build quality and fantastic value for money, we recommend the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox.

Best Top Entry Litter Box

​Some Cats have the ability to kick more of a mess when utilizing a cat litter box than owners would be capable of believing. Many owners have been turning to top entry litter boxes that are high to solve their problems, although it can leave you frustrated and fed up.

All having clutter sprinkled all on your own ​kitchen floor daily so on gets to be a major annoyance. A box of this style solves this problem instantly and to get very little investment, you'll also be pleasantly amazed how easy it can be to get your kitty to use one.

Throughout all our woes and frustrations over the years, We've tried a excellent couple ​top loading litter boxes, others and some great perhaps not much. With everything considered, we have to put the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox at the top of the list since the best top entry litter box available now.

If It will not tickle your fancy, not to stress. We've highlighted a few contenders for the throne and we are going to start looking at them in certain depth.

Before we put in to a lot of detail on each version, let's quickly look at the options available on the market. The following table should give you an overview of each one of the top entry litter boxes we've ranked as the best around and how big they are.

​Best Top Entry Litter Boxes ​

​We can't rave enough about just how much of a difference a good litter box can cause your everyday life for being a cat owner. Having a premier top entry litter boxes means as it's absolutely required, you simply suffer from cleaning up litter and keeps the mess.

When your cat jumps back out of the top of the litter box after doing their business, their paws first land on the roof of the litter box. This roof has holes that mean a huge percentage of this dust falls straight back in and doesn't track round your floors. Amazing right?

​Let us simply take a better glance at what we are the market leaders concerning function and value . Here's just a list of the best top entry litter boxes you to stop litter tracking.

​1. Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

​On the best of our knowledge, this is apparently the most common top entrance litter box for cats available on the market nowadays.

Our experience in using it has left us regarding why. It's hardy, easy and super effective.

The ​zigzagged shirt makes sure dust and clutter drops back and quickly through into the carton. It's really a blueprint our cat seemed to be the walking too.

The simplicity of this Clevercat box seems to be your very best hope of getting your cat into a top entry litter box without too much fuss.

It the lack of any seams or detachable covers mean that odor is contained well, although Does a wonderful job of surrounding scents also we hadn't been looking to notice a lot of difference.

Exactly the ​exact ​same solid ​plastic bottom tends to make it super easy to wash. This really is but just one of our biggest reasons to position this as the greatest top entry cat litter box, even as a quick empty and a wipe down with water and soap is all it takes. No hard to reach places.

2. Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box

​It's undoubtedly the best looking cat litter box we've ever laid eyes on, and you'll be pleased to know that there are few sacrifices made in order to check this good.

Additionally, it excels practicality-wise when In comparison to it's competitors. The removable and invisibly liner you will find in the box makes refilling and draining a breeze.

Some have reported issues with urine soaking into the pits of the liner after prolonged usage, but using enough clutter to block the urine reaching the floor, you are convinced not to observe some difficulties.

It comes Using a spade because you are likely to see from the item image. The clips nicely to the side of this litter box for works and storage and you'd expect a litter scoop would.

The 9 inch diameterentry hole is conveniently located at a corner, meaning that the cat is pretty much made to jump out onto the perforated roofing and then wash up their paws there before hopping onto your carpet or furniture with dusty paws.

We ​can't recommend it and we're convinced we'd own it because the highest rated top entry litter box though it wasn't for the purchase cost difference between this and the Clevercat top entry litter box.

It is hard to warrant Given that they both do the same task, that one only looks far prettier. Check out photos using the button below.

​3. Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

​The Petmate Pan might be your best budget top entry litter box round, therefore it's no real surprise that it's also probably one of the very popular.

It is priced at approximately half the cost of their next cheapest top entry litter box on the list, meaning you obtain exceptionally affordable.

Thankfully, it's super simple to wash too. The lid pops off and you may wash it out with warm water and soap at almost no time.

The opening is so marginally more compact than the Clevercat and Modkat models, however it isn't much of a noticeable difference.

You ​don't get the luxuries of reusable and removable linings, nevertheless, that you do not really expect any fancy extras at the price it's sold for.

All in All, it's really a safe, dependable and simple budget option that's fantastic for individuals who want to try out a top entry litter box before investing in spending to a higher end brand.

​4. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

​The IRIS Top Entry Litter Box is our midst ground pick. You receive a fantastic balance of design and significance.

Its grooved lid is easy for cats to drift and gives you an obvious indication of exactly how much clutter and dust it hastens.

Additionally, it Looks amazing, in our own opinion, also we were very happy to see it comes in a selection of distinct colors that should match any contemporary decor in your property.

Just like with almost any commendable brand, all of substances used are entirely BPA safe and free for your kitty.

The Larger opening makes it a better fit for larger cats compared to the Modkat litter box. If a trendy litter box is what you are aiming for however you have an excessively large kitty, this could be the main one for you.

Rounded Interior walls mean it's easy to wipe down quickly and maintain clean, and also the lid does a excellent job of keeping clutter and debris off the nearby area. Very impressive for that price.

​5. Favorite Hooded Cat Litter Box

​Here ​we've got something. It isn't only the ​biggest litter box on our list, but also the only one with a removable top.

The ​ability to use it as either a top entry litter box and a regular one means it's an excellent asset for those with trouble getting their cats to make use of the entrance hole.

Leaving the cat litter box out from the open with off the top will show them it's just a normal litter box.

The top is just about view through, that is both an optimistic and a negative depending on how you view it.

A Seethrough top way you'll find a way to see if it's been properly used easier, however, also takes away the privacy aspect that cats seem to enjoy litter boxes that are enclosed.

​How do top entry cat litter boxes work?

Top Entry Litter Box

​Top entry litter boxes are fantastic because they offer a inexpensive solution to covering litter up and diminishing the litter that your cat makes. In most cases, you may even do a way with an unsightly litter mat.

They work by enclosing the litter such it cant be kicked out of the carton and all across the 20, Preferably. It's pretty evident from the look (as well as the name​) How this is managed by them. A second benefit of a top entry litter box which the majority of folks wouldn't think about is your grate-like shelf in addition to

When It's time to allow your furry friend to come back to their daily lifetime of comfort, they must first climb out of the cat litter box and onto the grate. This offers a chance for your own litter and dust that's stuck into your ​cat's paws to fall between the cracks and back into the litter box where it goes.

If you are using it along with a cat litter ​that does not produce dust, you are going to see much better results.

Your cat subsequently hops out with little to no litter left inside their nostrils and keeps on with their afternoon, leaving a nice floor to you.

​What are the benefits of a top entry litter box?

​They're Extremely neat and tidy for one. They look so much better than open jumble boxes (especially when they are used) Because they maintain all the business.

This Kind of litter box can be pretty dog proof. Then your pet can result in an mess if you have both cats and dogs. These dog proof litter boxes solve your problem thoroughly.

The simple design means they're super cheap. Compare these to automatic cat litter boxes and you'll soon understand why many owners prefer a premier entry litter box to one particular.

Spoiler alert: they are literally a portion of the purchase price.

We found they do a fantastic job of keeping scents locked in, particularly if you take advantage of a odor controller clumping litter.

Unlike self cleaning litter boxes, they're easy and light to maneuver and require no power source, hence the placement is elastic.

​Do cats like top entry litter boxes?

​After the suspicion is overcome, most cats actually prefer a top entry litter box.

You because cats are fussy with anything that pushes them slightly out of their routine, May be astonished by this answer.

The Reason boils to solitude, of course. If you've ever seen a kitty visit the toilet out, you'll notice they simply have a real browse round ahead. They do so because they are preparing to be exposed for a brief while outside in the start.

An enclosed litter box means that they are protected from all angles except you, so they'll be more happy to complete their business and more relaxed.

​Why won’t my cat use their top entry litter box?

​Ok , we know we only said they are frequently preferred by them, however there's always just one, eh?

In case your cat is struggling to get to grips with their new top entry box, then there really are a few tricks You may attempt to coax them using it. Their reasons for denying to use it are usually rooted in confusion as opposed to demonstration (providing the mess is all up to scratch).

Trouble with all the cat litter box could be to the litter. It can take some getting used to, When you 've recently changed litter. A surprising quantity of cat litters on the market today are disagreeable for cats. This is sometimes caused by excessive dust or a rough texture, therefore opting to get a good cat litter out of a reputed manufacturer is overriding.

For those who have older cats, they are finding it difficult to climb in and out of the box. Maintain a close watch on these when it's time plus should this be apparent, you'll have to try some thing else, unfortunately!

Create Sure your cat knows exactly what it's for. Then it is possible to try removing that and placing them in the litter because you'll a kitten if the litter box has a top. Take a hold of scrape and these paw the mess with it to show them.

Later, put the lid back on, make sure they are aware of the entry at the very top of the cat litter box, and let them handle the others .

More frequently Not, the aforementioned will do just fine. If you're still having trouble, it might be a very good idea to place the old and new litter boxes alongside in order that they connect it.

​Are top entry litter boxes suitable for large cats?

​Many Of the options in the marketplace are sized to allow for cats of all sizes without even popping on the room from the process.

In case your cat is especially large then it goes without mentioning that you're going to be having to concentrate at the top entry litter boxes for large cats.

Luckily for you, we have listed the dimensions of every of our favourite litter boxes in the table above (in the event you missed That!) , if you pick a big one by clicking through, and read the testimonials ​on the button, you’re sure to find plenty of stories from owners who can put your mind at ease.

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