Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station Review

​The Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Knife Sharpening Station by Edgecraft, uses 100 percent diamond abrasives to sharpen, steel and strop.These three stages will result in factory sharp edges, in a short period of time, and with very little effort. Stage one uses diamond abrasives to sharpen your edge; a super hardened miniature steel is used in stage two, to develop a razor-sharp edge with microscopic teeth, resulting in an extra bite. Stage three uses a flexible stropping disk to polish your edge to the point where it can split a hair. You can use these stages in different combinations to achieve the edge that will fit your project.



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​6.2 x 12 x 6 inches

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​The M130 can be used on most types of knives and on most brands. You can use it with straight, serrated, pocket, sports, and kitchen knives. The unit measures ​6.2 x 12 x 6 inches, and has stabilizing feet that enable it to sit securely on any flat surface. The compact design will fit nicely on your counter. Built in elastomeric angle guides help you maintain a consistent angle without the guesswork.

​Amazon customers rate the M130 with 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Great majority of the reviews were highly positive. Greg Moss, an Executive Chef who has cooked for over 25 years, stated in his review that he was very satisfied with his purchase of the M130. Initially he was concerned about too much metal coming off during the sharpening stage, but says that can be avoided as long as you do not overuse the first stage.  Other customers noted that “it does what it says,” and that it is simple and easy to use.  One customer felt that the sharpener had to be out on the counter all of the time in order to hone after each use, and if it was put away, you had to take it out each time. For the most part, consumers were highly impressed with the M130 and recommended it to their friends and family.

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