Chicago Cutlery 10-Inch Walnut Sharpening Steel Review

​World Kitchen has been a leader in houseware products for over 100 years. Some of their brands include CorningWare, Revere, and Pyrex, just to mention a few.​ Chicago Cutlery is also a World Kitchen brand that has focused on making knives and knife techniques simple.

Chicago Cutlery 10-Inch Walnut Sharpening Steel

​The 10-inch walnut sharpening steel was developed by World Kitchen to work especially well with the Chicago Cutlery brand. This sharpening steel is handcrafted with a durable solid walnut handle and a long-lasting steel rod.  It will help you maintain a straight edge on your knife. It is also designed to keep the two bevels on each side of your knife blade, sharp.​ The two bevels are what form the “V” shape on your knife.  When the “V” angle is narrow, that means the blade edge is thinner, which makes for a sharper knife. With continued use the narrow angle erodes and folds in on itself.​ Taper Grind technology along with high carbon stainless steel on this sharpener keeps your knife sharper for a longer period of time and makes resharpening easy.

Customers on Amazon were very satisfied with this product and rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars.  Most people liked the fact that it only took a few swipes to get a usable edge back. Primadogga has had the sharpener for 15 years, and says it does a nice job of keeping a sharp edge on knives.​ One customer warned that the steel is grooved and not straight, causing a significant amount of metal off of your edge with each swipe. Another customer said if there is a bit of moisture, the steel may rust. Keep CL38WP Chicago Cutlery 10-Inch Walnut Sharpening Steel out of water and it will keep you knives sharp for years!

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