Kotobuki King 250+1000/K-80 Combo Review

Many people prefer waterstones for sharpening as they give you much more control over the sharpening process.​ The Kotobuki King 250+1000/K-80 Combo is a double-sided Japanese waterstone used for sharpening kitchen knives that are made in Japan.​ One side is coarse 250- grit and is good for removing knicks, and the other side of the stone is 1000- grit used for finishing.

Kotobuki King Combo

​Japanese whetstones are known to provide finer edges because of the special bonding process during production.​ This sharpener is good for sushi and fruit knives, as well as cleavers. It can also sharpent samurai swords and remove rust. Stone dimensions are approximately 8”x 2”x 1” so storage is easy.

Amazon customers rate this sharpening stone 4.6 out of 5 stars.​ One customer said he was able to remove deep knicks in his kitchen knives, and it took about 45 minutes to reshape and sharpen four large stainless kitchen knives. He recommends soaking the stone for 15-25 minutes, and only sprinkling water from the slurry paste if the stone gets too dry.  Another customer says the lower grit stones are good for removing chips in a blade or reprofiling the edge. Jim, on Amazon, says the stone is large enough for nice long strokes, and sturdy enough to not be fragile. David says it takes time to master, but it’s terrific when you do.  Kang Wang says working with the stones was a little slippery, but otherwise good. Overall, customers thought the stones were effective and quality sharpening tools.

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