Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock Stick Sharpener (LCD5D) Review

​​​The Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock Stick Sharpener is a small, simple, yet effective pocket –sized sharpener. It uses a two-stage system that is ideal for kitchen use.​ It is lightweight and convenient, and can break down easily and quickly for storage in a drawer, or in a backpack.​ Four five inch alumina ceramic rods are included, two medium 600-grit grey rods, and two fine 1000-grit white rods.​

Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock Stick Sharpener

The grey ceramic rods are used for sharpening, and the white ceramic rods are used for polishing. The system features  a turnbox made of hardwood, and a base with storage for the rods when they are not in use. The wood block has two pre-set knife sharpening angles of 20 and 25 degrees.​ The 20 degree angle is if you want a very sharp edge. For example, the type of edge on a filet knife or what you need to slice tomatoes cleanly. The 25 degree angle is good for most kitchen knives and creates a durable and sharp edge.​ Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock Stick sharpener also comes with a one year warranty.

Reviews on Amazon were good overall, and customers rated this sharpener 4.6 out of 5 stars. Koko the Talking Ape says this is a pretty darn good sharpener, but you should watch your fingers. The suggestion was made that since most knives have curved edges, you should draw the handle up as you draw it back in a rocker motion when sharpening.​ This keeps the edge at a constant angle with the rods. Another customer said the sharpener is perfect for the home chef and it does great with pocket knives. One customer expressed concern about wobbling rods, and another customer said the sticks are short which is more time consuming.

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