Norton 24336 Japanese-Style Combination Waterstone 4000/8000 Grit Review

Norton 24336 Japanese-Style Combination Waterstone

​The Japanese-Style Combination Waterstone is another quality sharpening product developed by Norton Abrasives. On one side of the stone is a 4000 grit abrasive which you can use to refine and maintain a cutting edge. The other side of the stone is 8000 grit which is used for polishing cutting edges. The stone’s dimensions are 1 (height) by 8 (width), by 3 (depth) inches. It comes in a plastic, blue case that is hinged, with a removable lid. The case protects the stone and also acts as a well to keep the stone lubricated. The removable lid can also be used as a sharpening station on a bench, and has no-slip rubber feet to prevent slippage.

Norton 24336 Japanese-Style Combination Waterstone



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​The waterstone is made by grading abrasive material down to a specific particle size and blending it with bonding agents. It is then molded and the surface is finished. The grit in a waterstone is fine and the bond is softer than in oilstones. You should use water on this stone which will create a paste of water and abrasive grains that will remove the metal from your blade. Of course, cleanup is less messy with water than with oil.

​Customers were generally highly satisfied with this Japanese-style waterstone. Many highly recommended it to get a razor edge. Several customers noted that that the stone is great for straight razors. It was also mentioned that you should not leave the stone in water for too long or the adhesive may separate the two stones. The rating for this product is great 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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