Smith’s DFPK Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening Kit Review

Smith DFPK Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening Kit

​The Smith’s DFPK Diamond Precision Sharpening kit may be small, but it has all of the tools to get the job done!  Included in the kit are a 325-grit coarse diamond, a 750-grit fine diamond, a 600-grit medium Arkansas, and a 1000-grit fine Arkansas.  Each of the stones are about one inch wide. The diamond retractable knife and tool sharpener can fit in your pocket, and will not break.  You can sharpen all types of knives, including serrated blades, with the diamond coated steel rod, and the wide diamond stones are made with hook sharpening grooves and Micro Pads.

Smith DFPK Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening





​Professional Sharpening System




​1.8 pounds

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​11.5 x 11.4 x 2.5 inches

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​The kit also includes a vice clamp which holds the knife at a consistent angle during the sharpening process. An advanced formula honing solution made up of anti-rust/anti-corrosion additives for cleaning sharpening surfaces. This lubricant removes stone and metal particles that are created during sharpening. All of these items are easily stored in the zip fabric carrying case.

​Amazon customers thought this sharpening system was good, but not the best (refer to #1!).  They gave it 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Several reviews mentioned the angle guides.  One said that you can only use 20” and 25” angles, which makes it difficult to sharpen high quality Japanese knives.​ Another customer said that the blade holder was not symmetrical, so when the guide rods were inserted, there were a few degrees difference in the two sides of the blade that is being sharpened. Other consumers did not have a problem with the angle guide and felt that the system held the blade at a constant angle.​ A customer said that the results were great, but it takes some effort to get to that.z

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