vlogging camera with flip-screen


Vlogging is truly an exciting and thrilling work that offers lots of opportunities and moments to capture in your camera. But when it comes to managing your camera functions, you need to get used to it with time. ​Most of the functions consume a lot of time if you are not easy with them, which is why you need an easy to use vlogging camera with a flip screen that will not only save you a lot of time but will also offer numerous other benefits. To help our fellow vloggers here we have compiled 9 of the best vlogging cameras with flips screen that will make vlogging more fun.

vlogging camera with flip-screen

Here are our handpicked 9 of the best vlogging cameras that come up with a flip screen to help you shoot your Vlogs like a pro:

  1. PANASONIC LUMIX G85 4K Mirrorless Camera


Panasonic knows how Vloggers keep up their good work by using the perfect accessories, features and camera functions. That is why they have developed this LUMIX 4K mirrorless camera that offers all the useful features to support vlogging activities.

This one is less bulky than a usual DSLR camera which may offer quality images but is hectic to carry in your hands for hours. That is why Panasonic has given the compact 4K video LUMIX G85 that assure the superior quality video recording in a sleek camera pack for the sake of convenience.

This is a fantastic combination of Micro Four third mirrorless camera features that assure detailed image capturing in no time. The camera offers highly stabilized operation with 5 axis body stabilization effect that stabilizes the camera lens giving the perfect DUAL IS effect when as it uses the Lumix 2 axis optical lens.

The video recording features are made to match the ultimate needs of a Vlogger because it offers 4K video recording at 100Mbps along with the microphone port of 3.5 mm to make sure you don’t have to use extra audio equipment for voice recording. The camera offers a Built-in Flash for an easier upgrade to the functions.
Vloggers have a lot to do in extreme weather conditions whether they have to shoot in duty winds or they are capturing the shots in the rainy season they always need a rugged camera that will not stop functioning in any of these circumstances.

This camera catches all of these needs because of its rugged body, waterproof and dustproof seal packed body that manages extreme conditions properly. It offers 16 megapixel MFT that assure you will not have to worry about the details which are captured easily without any extra sensors or accessories and fine details are captured quickly and easily.

The camera is perfect for still images, video recording with Dolby digital 2ch sound recording and MP4 audio format.

What does it do?

  • The full swivel LCD screen offers perfect and easy use of the camera for taking selfies and video recording as you don’t have to tilt your camera for viewing different angles.
  • The still pictures are captured perfectly either you take them using 12-60mm lens as well.
  • The dual IS works perfectly for videos and still images as it offers detailed, clear and perfect images you need for better detailing. Because of the image stabilization, you will get neat videos no matter how you walk or where you walk and no jolts in videos would affect the end results.
  • check
    The camera comes with easy to operate function selection button that makes sure you can customize the functions easily.
  • check
    The variable profile with color profile options is perfect for different end results through natural profile works perfectly for the video recording work you need to handle.
  • check
    Very easy to carry because of mirrorless formation that makes it less bulky and lightweight which is easier to carry while recording videos.


  • Easy focusing
  • Easy handling and lightweight
  • Dual IS
  • thumbs-o-up
    Perfect for videos and still images
  • thumbs-o-up
    Swivel screen for easy angling


  • Must set up the e-shutter volume to the least to avoid any sounds.

  2. PANASONIC LX10 LUMIX LEICA DC Lens - Best Cheap Vlogging Camera


Looking for the perfect video shots that look like the real ones?  Panasonic Lumix LEICA DC lens 24-72mm works perfectly to give you the shot you ever wanted in your camera. It would not lose the quality rather it may enhance and help you recreate the real-time videos with even more sharper details that you could ever see with your eyes.

The large and more enhanced 1” sensor with 20 MP offers sharper, brighter and fabulous colored photos and you can zoom in and zoom out for up to 6X with an intelligent zoom feature that lets you take pictures without getting into settings and complicated setups.

The main thing that you need to aware about is the 3X LEICA Dc lens 24-72mm providing VARIO SUMMILUX zoom function. The zoom lens performs perfectly with the brighter and better aperture F 1.4-2.8 and the background defocusing operation makes it a lot easier to focus on the things you need to capture.

LUMIX LX10 offers 4K Ultra high definition videos and photos along with the post and internal focus stack modes.

The plus point here is the tilting touch monitor of 3.0 inches that allows you to tilt it to the angle where you need to capture the image you need without tilting your whole camera. In addition to that, the compact easy to hold the camera body and lens mount control ring keep its easier for the user to capture the videos and images that are needed with perfect focus. You can get still pictures and videos with the perfect details giving you the best results for Vlogging.

Panasonic DMC-LX10k Vlog Test


  • Takes perfect pictures even in the low light conditions
  • 4K pictures with sharp, bright details
  • Capture spectacular close shots
  • thumbs-o-up
    Optical image stabilization effect
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fast focusing with depth from defocus effects
  • thumbs-o-up
    Post shot focusing
  • thumbs-o-up
    Crop 4K images live
  • thumbs-o-up
    WiFi enabled
  • thumbs-o-up
    Built-in Mic


  • Not supportive of video recording for more than an hour
  • No jack for external Mic

Sony Flip Screen Cameras Fro Vlogs

  3. ​Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V


​Sony Cyber-shot  is not an unknown brand and all of us know how well they perform when it comes to the digital photos and video recording. The special features that come in this camera include the viewfinder make sure you get the resolution for perfect images. Along with that, the ZEISS coated eyepiece assure high contrast self-illuminating shots that create a perfect effect for the images and videos you are capturing.

To take faster, better and more detailed photos the camera offers the fastest AF setup with .05 sec autofocus making it easier to take wildlife shots and fast action pictures. The phase detection with 315 autofocus coverage the details are never missed.

The shooting frequency up to 24fps and autofocus offers high-speed photography. The CMOS sensor, 1” EXMOR RS provide exceptional quality images.
In addition to the perfect still pictures the 4K video movie recording supported by hybrid AF make sure you get the best vlogging experience ever. The tilting screen offers easier photography and videos recording.

This package comes with camera grip, selfie grip, hand strap cable clamp and a pouch.


  • ​Multiple angle OLED flip screen
  • ​Slow motion videos 960 fps
  • ​315 Autofocus points
  • thumbs-o-up
    3.6X optical zoom
  • thumbs-o-up
    4K video quality
  • thumbs-o-up
  • thumbs-o-up
    1” sensor
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fastest AFP


  • ​Not long lasting

​ 4. ​Sony a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera


Sony outclasses many digital cameras with all its useful features that support photographers and Vloggers in a unique way. This a5100 camera with 3-inch screen offering slips up LCD function that lets you capture images from any angle without having to tilt your camera as a whole.

This offers more customization and better image quality without losing focus on the object.  The super-fast autofocusing with 179 AF points with 6FPS keeps it even more accurate and capture the real image without any issues.

The high-resolution 24MP image capturing feature an APS-C sensor assures high definition images in a range of light conditions. The tilting flip screen up to 180 degrees make sure you get angled images or videos with perfect quality and it also makes it easier to capture selfies without any problems.

The camera comes with Wi-Fi enabled so that the vloggers can easily share their vlogs via smartphones in a matter of moments. It is compatible with the various camera app so that you can customize your experience with the images and videos captured in the camera. You can add Play memories, camera apps easily.

With these apps, you may get perfect close-up shots, portraits, time-lapse photos, motion shots and other customized looks. You can customize the images taken so that they are better than ones that are taken as per your needs.

The videos recording capacity is around 50 MBs and you can easily record high definition videos without losing the quality. The camera comes with a micro USB cable, lens cap, charger and a rechargeable battery.

Sony a5100 Vlog Test


  • ​Easy to sue and handle while video recording
  • ​Pop-up flash for brightening the screen
  • ​Easy flip screen for angled images, videos, and selfies
  • thumbs-o-up
    High-resolution images
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to share via WiFi and smartphone
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to use power zoom level for quick and easy zooming


  • ​Not able to record videos for a longer period of time as it overheats

​Canon Flip Screen Cameras Fro Vlogs

​ 5. ​​Canon EOS M3 Double Lens Kit - Good Camera For YouTube


Canon  EOS comes with the perfectly packed features to help vloggers get their video recording passion to the next level. The camera is not bulky as a usual DSLR, rather it offers easier use and convenient features to keep up with the instant customizable needs.

The 24.2 MP picture quality stays unmatched and provides the best images for the perfect results. The APS-C and CMOS sensor supported by the unique and high-quality DIGIC 5 processing the camera is capable of capturing the images at a faster speed and with greater accuracy and details.

The 4.2 highest speed burst ensure that you never miss a detail and give the accurate, sharp and detailed images no matter the required speed and light.

The highest sensitivity level of the camera keeps it as perfect as possible with ISO 100-12800 which may reach ISO 25600. The 1080p high definition videos movie servo function and AF make sure to focus perfectly. The Hybrid CMOS AFII allows better quality and sharper images.

The flip screen allows easy image and video recording work at greater accuracy. It is because you don’t have to bend a lot, turn your camera or tilt the camera or you also don’t have to lay down to take the perfect shot. The tilting screen helps you take the shot at an angle that seems perfectly balanced and easy to capture. The selfie option is also possible in a very easy way with the flip screen function.

The customizable controls with easy operations assure quick and easy customization of the functions according to the surroundings and the focus object. The mirrorless camera is surely a breeze to use as compared to the DSLR version which is bulkier and heavier than these.

​Canon EOS M3 for Vlogging [Test]


  • ​This one is one perfect easy to carry HD camera
  • ​High-quality stills and video recording
  • ​Sharp and bright results
  • thumbs-o-up
    Flip screen for easier image handling and selfie
  • thumbs-o-up
    Hybrid CMOS AF II
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with WiFi


  • ​No external mic option
  • ​No warranty for the international version

​6. ​Canon EOS Rebel T5i STM Kit


CANON EOS is definitely a rebel that has the most unusual features that may or may not be found in a single camera in one go. It makes shooting videos smoother than ever and provides digital images with the high definition details by just clicking on a single button.

The point Auto-focus system keeps it even more accurate to focus on the most needed parts and provides defined focus to provide extra depth and details in the images. The dual cross point offers faster and crisper and detailed images, quick and easy autofocus so that you would not lose the image you want to capture.

The AI Servo system helps to maintain the focus on the moving objects that is a perfect feature to help in making videos for Vlogging.

The SLR movie making has never been so fun with this Canon STM lens and Movie Servo autofocus that keeps the focus intact and never loses the details at any point for the moving objects. That helps in maintaining a smooth and consistent streaming of the videos without interruption.

Canon EOS rebel comes with a Vari-angle screen that is capable to tilt 90 degrees towards the back and 175 degrees on its sides.

Either you need shooting thing on a higher angle or low downwards you can handle it on a tripod with ease without tilting and twisting yourself or your camera. The touchscreen function to tackle your camera operations and setting.


  • ​18.0 Mp APS-C photosensor
  • DIGIC 5 image processing
  • ​3.0 inch LCD slip screen
  • thumbs-o-up
    Continuous smooth videos
  • thumbs-o-up
    The camera comes with stereo Microphone and manual audio customization
  • thumbs-o-up
    Capture short video snapshot of 2, 4 and 8 sec
  • thumbs-o-up
    Scene intelligent feature for perfect bright, clear and crisp images
  • thumbs-o-up
    Backlight control and night mode
  • thumbs-o-up
    Creative filters
  • thumbs-o-up
    Compatible with memory cards


  • ​Not too good for longer videos
  • ​May need daylight for perfect image results

​​ 7. ​Canon EOS M6


Canon EOS also comes with some unique features to offer to the vloggers. This is an interchangeable lens pack that offers customized results with the desired lens to use.  Also, the dual Pixel AF CMOS with phase detection creates a perfect flow in videos and result in crystal clear image quality. APS-C sensor help in the correct shooting of the images and videos. Accurate zooming, HD movies and all quality images you need with 24.2 MP.

With 7.0 frame each second it offers perfect videos and images you need to get.  The DIGIC 7 image processing leads to refined images every time.

The 1080p high definition videos with 60 p and stereo sound that is perfect with MP4 format offer to outclass vlogging experience you need. The combination IS pairing the optical IS and Digital IS offers 5 axis stabilization of the image while you are recording a video.

The camera has the NFC technology to help you connect to the device you want to connect to. The 3.0 inches flip screen offers 180 degrees upward tilt and 45 degrees downward. This assures you can adjust the angle of the screen for taking perfect shots as you can view at any angle you need without displacing your camera position.

The camera is compatible with EF-M lenses which can be used for perfect images and videos that have the details as per the needs of the user.

There are 5 different function dials to help you manage the controls and functions. You can adjust exposure compensation for brightness control, the quick control and main dial, controller wheel and all the related functions are kept ergonomically on the fingertip reach so that you can get a grasp onto them when needed.

​Canon EOS M6 [Test]


  • ​Very easy to use and articulate
  • Ultra HD results
  • ​Combination IS
  • thumbs-o-up
    Compatible with EF-M lens
  • thumbs-o-up
    DUAL pixel
  • thumbs-o-up
    APS-C sensor
  • thumbs-o-up
    Smooth videos


  • ​Show issues in-camera stabilization

​Nikon Flip Screen Cameras Fro Vlogs

​ 8. ​Nikon 1 J5 Mirrorless Digital Camera - perfect companion for the vloggers


NIKON 1J5 is one perfect mirror-less camera that offers effective 20.8 megapixels that keep the picture quality intact in a wide range of high to low light conditions. The auto-focus feature makes sure you get the detailed images with perfect brightness without blur.

The camera offers 20 frames per sec for a continuous and smooth video recording. With the AF-C sensor for premium quality results. In addition to that, 1080 per 60p make it capable of giving perfect and clear shots every time.

180 degree flipping screen makes it easier for you to capture shots at any angle without disrupting the camera focus. The near field communication action and WiFi ensure you can share and upload the videos and images on the go.

Though the quality of the image and videos are matched to the high-quality DSLR it is a mirror-less camera so it would not feel too heavy and would be easier to carry and use anywhere you need
With ergonomic controls, keys and PSAM dial the navigation and functions are easier to manage so that you may focus on the videos and images rather than keep worrying about the settings.

High-speed imaging offers easier image capture even at higher speed and performs well without compromising on the quality of the image and video recording.

The EXPEED 5A processing of images is the most advanced technology used to offer rich color combination and smoother, sharper image quality. ISO noise reduction function for a more user-friendly output. Overall, the picture quality and the processing time makes this camera the perfect companion for the vloggers who need quality and crisp images.


  • EXPEED 5A image processing
  • ​WiFi and NFC features for easier connectivity
  • ​Sharp and detailed images
  • thumbs-o-up
    AF-C sensor for smooth video quality
  • thumbs-o-up
    Autofocus points make it better
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to handle and adjust
  • thumbs-o-up
    High definition image quality
  • thumbs-o-up
    20 frames per second with AF-C
  • thumbs-o-up
    180 degrees tilting/flipping screen


  • ​Too small and sometimes may not support longer videos

​Samsung Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen

​ 9. ​Samsung NX Mini - Mirrorless Camera For Vlogging


Samsung Mini is definitely a Mirror-less camera that offers easy handling. Quick action functions and easy to setup features to customize the experience and get the end results you always need. The overall design is sleek and stylish and easy to handle no matter for how long you need to use it.

The technical advantages of this camera include 20.5 MP CMOS sensor for smooth, interruption-free and high-quality images that are needed in vlogging process.  This assures real colors and clear resolution so there are no compromises at all. The camera is very lightweight and slim that makes it even better than the other cameras that are bulkier and come with lesser hi-tech features. The stylish looks are complemented with the modern leather-like finish.

The quick and easy NFC and WiFi connectivity offer easier and smarter upload features for social media sharing and other portals like Mobilink, all share etc. The interchangeable 9-27 mm lens and a flash make sure you get the perfect, detailed and sharp image when you use your Samsung Mini. The screen that is 3 inches wide flips easily to offer easier selfie clicks and angles view for better keeping with the videos making needs.

The 6 frames per second offer extra-ordinary images with the shutter speed 1/16000 second offer more fluid videos quality and sharper images.

The photo beam makes it easier to share photos with one click so you don’t have to wait for uploading and downloading times.

The camera offers connectivity to the viewfinder app to help your phone control the camera from 30 feet distance. In addition to that, the camera is capable of providing 1080p high definition and ultra-quality video recording with overall 30 frames/sec so that you can record for a longer time and better quality as compared to the other cameras.

The ISO 25600 range allows fabulous shots with low light and it offers images without compromising on the quality.
It also comes with other features like a long battery life so that you can record better baby monitor and also allows you to use adobe lightroom feature for editing files at ease.


  • ​Sleek, stylish, lightweight
  • ​Sharp image quality
  • ​Easier controls
  • thumbs-o-up
    Smooth video recording
  • thumbs-o-up
    NFC and WiFi
  • thumbs-o-up
    Long battery life
  • thumbs-o-up
    Remote Viewfinder
  • thumbs-o-up
    Baby monitor
  • thumbs-o-up
    ISO range feature
  • thumbs-o-up
    Photoshop Lightroom 5


  • ​Seem complicated for beginners

Flip Screen for Vlogging

​Benefits ​Of ​Getting ​A ​Flip-​Screen ​Vlogging ​Camera

​Vloggers may have a range of different needs as they may create vlogs for various purposes depending upon their interests and goals. But when it comes to choosing the vlogging camera there has to be a clear set of features that you should be choosing very carefully. Due to the fact most vloggers prefer having a flip-screen camera, we should look into its benefits so that we know why we should be looking for a flip screen in our camera:

​The easy angled shots

​Vloggers keep making thrilling shots whenever they are on their vlogging adventure. In this way, they always take difficult shots that are otherwise hard to capture. They get down into the streams, into the deep jungles and climb up the tree to get the angled shots for a perfect vlog. So in order to get angled shots whether high above or low ones, the flip-screen help a lot to tilt the screen and focus on the object easily.

​Customized settings

​Customized settings with the help of light setup, angle setup and the direction of the focus object the vlogs become even more enhanced and eye-catching and detailed. In this way, you never miss out on a detail with perfect, sharp and bright images every time.


​Selfie mode

​The flip-screen is the best if you have to turn it into its selfie mode with the screen completely swiveled and tilted towards your face. The selfie mode helps you quickly get your perfect selfie with your vlogging camera so that you don’t have to manage the wrong angles and directions or light.

​No need of getting messy

​With the titled or flip-screen cameras, it is far easier to capture close and tricky shots that otherwise require you to bend down a lot that may hinder your view or affect camera directions. This may also result in messy clothes and muddy focus points. With the flip-screen, you don’t have to worry about such angled shots.

​Never lose your perfect shot

​With a flip screen, you always are able to capture a perfect shot so that you are never in trouble for capturing tricky moves and deep angled focus objects.

​Switch between the object of focus

​Switching between the focus of objects is easier with a flip-screen as you can view them easily on your screen whether they are located far apart. It also makes it easier for you to add your part without losing focus.

​Accurate focusing​

​Accurate focusing is always easy with the flip-screen cameras because you have the chance to focus easily with the screen in front of you no matter at which angle you want to take the shot, you can view easily.

​Accurate focusing​

​Things ​To ​Look ​For ​In ​The ​Best ​Vlogging ​Camera ​With ​The ​Flip ​Screen?

Vlogging cameras are the basic yet the most important thing to have for the vloggers.

Vloggers need easy to use, convenient carrying cameras that are not a burden on their hands. Most vloggers prefer hi-tech features but that is easier to switch from to another. There should be enough versatility in handling and functions to make sure they can shoot videos and images on the go in a range of light conditions.

So it is better to closely observe the available features and compare with your vlogging activities so that you know which type of cameras would be perfect for your vlogging career.

Among the many features here we’ll be discussing ones with flip-screen function. Definitely, as a vlogger you must be dealing with various angled images, taking pictures from various distance levels and angles and variable conditions. Most flip-screen vlogging cameras come up with an option to flip the screen to adjust to an angle for viewing the focus object more clearly for the best shot.

So things that you will be comparing in flip-screen cameras are:

​The size of the screen

​The size of the screen is important because the greater the size the better it is. In most cases you will be able to get a 3.0 inch OLED, LCD camera screen to help you view the object of focus.

The size of the screen

​The flipping angle

​For the vlogging cameras, you need to find a flip screen camera that offers 180 degrees, 90 degrees and 175-degree tilting or swivel so that it can be placed as per the needs of the focus object. This helps in getting a clearer and better shot so that you don’t miss a detail.

This also ensures that you will be able to get the perfect shot without bending or lying on the ground along with your camera.

The flipping angle

​Light control feature

​Due to the fact when you adjust the angle of the screen you need to make sure you are able to view the image on the screen easily. This may need you to adjust the light on the screen to view better and take the exact shot you need.

​Other ​Things ​To ​Look ​For ​In ​Flip ​Screen ​Cameras ​For ​Vlogging

Other things that may affect the performance of flip-screen cameras are:

​The weight

​The weight of a vlogging camera with flip-screen has to be lower than average. Most of the mirror-less cameras offer lightweight construction to make sure it is easier to handle for making videos and taking images.

​Ergonomic controls

​Ergonomic controls and dials also assure convenience and easier adjustments while video recording and image focusing.

​Image and video quality

Image video quality

​Image quality is necessary that depends on the lens as well as the APS-C sensor, frame per second and Autofocus function that should be there to assure better quality videos and images.

​Sound recording

​Sound recording is also necessary for Vlogging cameras so you need to see if there is a built-in microphone or there should be a jack that allows attaching and external audio-jack.


​Image stabilization

​Image stabilization is supported with the help of digital IS and optical IS. Make sure you look for both of these as the Dual IS is the perfect feature that helps you manage the blur in the videos and images. For the cameras that offer dual IS make use of these image stabilization features to give the best, accurate, bright and sharp images and videos.

​Color and details

​The high color contrast and detailed images are required and you should compare the quality of the end results to know the quality of camera and image processing. It depends on the lens used and the number of pixels available that determines the quality on the camera results.

​Frames per second

​Frames per second make sure your videos would be smooth and better than the real images. Make sure you get a perfect match with required frames per second for an interruption-free results in videos.

​Types of camera

​Make sure to decide on the type of camera you need to buy. As for example, the flip-screen cameras can be divided into three main types that include:

  • ​Mirror-less cameras
  • DSLR cameras
  • Point and shoot cameras

Mirror-less cameras are lightweight and sleek hence they are the most desired cameras among vloggers. As compared to the DSLR cameras they are less bulky and give the same or better picture quality in videos as well as in the still images. These offer more customized functions easier control dials and a sleek screen that can be flipped to various angles.

DSLR is good for images and video shooting but they are bulky and heavy. Though they offer good results they are not suitable for beginners.


​Autofocusing makes it a lot easier to capture the images without losing the focus on the object. Without blurring you get perfect image quality. In addition to that, the videos recording is smooth and steady without interruption.


​Video quality

4K video quality is what you need to look for. It is always a good idea to get a camera that offers 4K video quality so that you get sharp and ultra HD images without complicated settings.


​Remote Viewfinder

​Remote viewfinder assures accurate image processing from remote devices using the camera.

​Connectivity to the smart devices and WiFi

​NFC and WiFi are the two connectivity options that may help you capture and share the vlogs on the go. Vloggers surely look for the cameras that are easy to connect with the smart devices and apps so that they can create their vlogs and share easily. In some cases, you may also get a Bluetooth connectivity for sharing within mobile devices.


​Memory and battery life

​Enhances memory and battery life assure long-lasting performance and help in recording the most desired shots you need for your vlogs.

​Speedy image processing

​You may need to look for the image processing speed so that you can locate and shoot the focus object quickly. In addition to that with high-speed image processing, it also helps in quicker and better quality images and videos that are smooth, fine-tuned and fluid in nature.

​Compatibility with apps

​Compatibility with the apps is also important because if you cannot connect with the various apps you may not be able to edit, share, store or upload the videos easily.

​After going through all the details regarding the best vlogging cameras with flip-screen, we can say that we can focus on all the features that we have to compare in a usual videos making or vlogging camera but there has to be a screen that is able to tilt and flip to a certain extent providing an angled shot in an easy manner.

Furthermore, we can see that the cameras with a flip screen have to be sleek and compact with lightweight to complement its capability to allow videos shooting and image capturing in an easy way. Because of the fact, heavier cameras are never good in such conditions at all.

Here we have discussed the top brands that offer high-quality vlogging cameras with a flip screen like Canon, Nikkon, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic. Among these vlogging cameras the Canon Rebel, Nokkin, and Sony are the best offering perfect swivel and Vari-angle tilt in the flip-screen so that the user can take perfect shots easily.

Though other cameras shared here also come with sufficient tilt that is perfect for taking selfies and angled shots to a certain extent, you still have to make sure the camera offers the angled view to the extent you need.