Why Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes Are Great

​We think top entry litter boxes found that our kitty enjoyed using one more, and really are an ingenious solution to avoid clutter changing. Let us take a look at a few of the huge benefits we saw when a few aren't so obvious at first!

Entry Cat Litter Boxes

​Top Entry cat litter boxes are a product inside the cat care community. There are many people who think it is an unnatural thing for most cats to need to grow right into some thing todo their organization.

In our opinion, sometimes a balance has to be struck between the easiest alternative for the cat and making life a little simpler for your self.

It is Far from a perfect experience for everyone you are reluctantly needing to wash this up and if your furry friend is currently scattering litter around your home on a daily basis.

An increasing amount of kitty owners are Starting to discover the great advantages that entrance litter boxes that are top can attract, and that cats do seem to mind using them at all. Here are some of the benefits we've seen as shifting to a high entry cat kitty litter box in our house.

​Before We moved into a premier entry box, so it had been a living nightmare. Every day we'd come home to get litter and dust strewn across the place, throughout the bed sheets. Consequently we'd have to spend a fantastic chunk of the nighttime tidying this up and grooming our kitty to remove dust and dirt out of their fur.

With a top entry litter box. Literally, no dust escapes the grate on top. It's awesome.

​Our cat seems to actually quite like it

​We Had read loads of stories on the web before purchasing which indicated the very same, too. Most put it down and I think we're up to speed with that notion.

Outdoor cats are usually very cautious about who is supporting them whenever they're doing their organization.

Within an enclosed litter box, they're almost totally covered hence appear much more joyful to crack and get the business finished.

​They seem to contain scents really nicely compared to Standard Litter boxes

​A Bonus which we hadn't foreseen in all honesty, though today it seems pretty obvious in hindsight. We maintained the same clumping litter we'd always needed, but stepping to some top ​entry box did actually avoid smells traveling from the atmosphere as anybody walked past.

It will not stop litter scents completely by itself, but combined with a clutter that controls odor, as it functions as close as we can expect into a smell free litter box.

​Best entry litter boxes seem so much simpler compared to other boxes

​Used or unused, an open litter box is hardly a magnificent feature in your dwelling . They look more decorations than litter boxes when switching into an enclosed one with entry, you'll soon notice an improvement.

You Literally don't see any clutter escaping at all, only a box in the corner with business and all of the dusty mess . Wonderful.

They take up less space than other litter boxes

​This Might be as a result of people having tried a litter mat before to block the tracking. We need the mat As an litter box handles the dusty pliers for all of us.

Consequently, this takes up a Fraction of the distance our box failed, and we're very safe to move items a little closer to it without fear of them becoming absorbed by litter.

We've also tried (and loved) self cleansing Litter boxes earlier they are more bulky and super embarrassing to maneuver. Bringing us on to this upcoming benefit.

​Top loading means they’re easy to clean and move around

​Instead You can pick up these bad boys to a place that is comfortable, Of bending down to handle your cat litter on earth level.

Part of the Is down to the contour being better to grip, but most of it is that you are safe in the knowledge that it isn't going to escape out of the box together with any sharp movements.

Having them be small enough to fit in more places additionally makes them more versatile for placement.

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