Wusthof 9-Inch Diamond Steel Review

​​Another steel manufactured by Wusthof is the 9-inch diamond steel narrow. This 9-inch diamond steel will not only align your knife edge, but because of the fine abrasives, will also sharpen while realigning.​ Traditional steels do not have that characteristic.​ Because the diamond steel is very fine, it will create a very fine edge, and also brings up the burr on your blade. This steel is made with a specialized stainless steel grain that has been infused with diamond dust. The narrow shape makes it perfect for knives with smaller blades. It has a stainless steel loop on the tip of the handle which is ideal for hanging the rod up or pulling it from a knife block. The handle on this steel is synthetic polymer and easy to grip.

Wusthof 9-Inch Diamond Steel

Overall, Amazon customers were very happy with the Wusthof 9-inch Diamond Steel Narrow, and gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars.  Rod Betts said this is the best diamond sharpener he has seen and he has purchased several.​ He noted that it takes awhile to get a dull knife sharp with this sharpener, but it can be done. He did have a concern after using the steel for two years because the diamond material came off in one spot due to the bonding agent. Abe used this steel for about one year and a half in a professional kitchen, and said that it is not a bad life span for an abrasive sharpener. Ami Alexander said the Wusthof 9-inch diamond steel narrow is a chef’s dream.

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